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Result Driven Hypnosis.

What is RDH?

RDH – Result Driven Hypnosis – is a method within hypnotherapy. It differentiates itself from other forms of hypnotherapy on an important point: ‘self analysis’.

The core of the RDH theory is that if you are able to consciously define a problem, your subconscious can find the solution. When you open the HelloMind app and answer the simple questions that lead you to a treatment, you’re defining the problem in a conscious and analytical process at the same time. The treatment has already begun when you decide which problem to work on.

The human brain.


Your brain is, simply put, divided into 3 levels:

Open the door.

And change the patterns.

In your everyday life, you control your actions through your consciousness. But feelings locked in the subconscious have a tendency to create or release unwanted reactions like irrational fear, negative thoughts or an unstoppable stream of thoughts.

They seep up through the system, so to speak, and are beyond your control.

RDH opens a door between your consciousness and your subconscious, giving you the opportunity to change or improve some of the patterns locked in your subconscious.

You don’t lose control during the process.

To the contrary, your attention is sharpened while you gain access to some of the automatic processes in your mind. During the treatment you’re simply guided through the door and towards the root of the problem, where you’re then handed the tool to address or eliminate it.

This process gives you back control of your life.


How does it work?

RDH is a guided hypnotherapy with three stages: Relaxation into the hypnosis stage, treatment and reinforcement. You are gently guided from one stage to the next by the voice you’re listening to.

First, you’ll totally relax the mind and gradually reach the hypnosis stage. It is in this condition that you have the opportunity to make an impact on your longterm memory and work with the emotional part of yourself – your learning mind.

If you have chosen a treatment in which you would like to eliminate a habit or a thought pattern, the session will help you seek out possible causes of the problem. At that point, you will solve the problem yourself using the tools you’re given during the session.

From there you’re guided to a reinforcement of the positive effects of the treatment. Here you’ll see yourself in the future as a happy and free person, no longer weighed down or troubled by your problem.

What is the best way?

How do I get the best results?

HelloMind’s sessions last about half an hour and are developed by experts who have worked with hypnotherapy for more than 20 years. Hypnotherapy is completely safe and you can start a treatment or a take Booster without worrying about side effects.

To obtain the best results, give yourself optimal conditions to succeed.

  • Be open and put your reservations aside.
  • Be committed and go through the whole treatment. You may feel a change after just a few sessions, but we recommend that you listen to all 10 sessions to get the full effect of the treatment. We want to make sure that you have relaxed enough to open the door to your subconscious, where you can change what you wish.
  • It’s up to you to plan the course of the treatment. But there should be at least a day between each session and the whole treatment shouldn’t be spread over longer than a month. It’s very important to keep the change process going in your subconscious so it doesn’t return to old patterns.
  • Set up a time for the session where you will not be disturbed and can enjoy peace and quiet. Choose a good pair of headphones; ‘noise-reduction’ models are great. Set your phone to ‘Airplane Mode’, and if you’re not alone ask the people around you not to disturb you.
  • You can only address or eliminate one problem at a time. This is partly because the process continues in your subconscious between the sessions. But you can combine a treatment with a Booster.

How do I choose?

Treatments, Booster or Quick Fix?

Start by focusing on your most urgent issue. What is limiting you, bothering you, or challenging you the most? Sometimes the answer is easy. You have chosen HelloMind because you are afraid of flying, going to the dentist, or spiders.

Other times the answer is more complicated, because our mental problems are often connected. Trauma or grief may cause trouble sleeping or muscle tensions. That’s why it’s important that you try to find the root cause of your problem and begin there. That sometimes takes some thought and courage.

If you would like to address or eliminate something in your mind like a fear, a habit or a way of reacting, choose a treatment. The treatment will consist of 10 sessions and you should listen to all of them.

If you want to strengthen a certain area of your mind and give it a boost of energy, choose a Booster. You’ll get unlimited access to sessions about the issue of your choice. You can listen to a Booster whenever you want or need to and can do it once or a hundred times as you wish.

If you need immediate relief from a craving, stress, or panic or want to get 5 minutes of complete relaxation, choose a Quick Fix. Quick Fix offers an immediate solution for the symptoms and requires only about five minutes of time. If you want to work with the deeper causes of your problem, we suggest that you choose a treatment.

What else do I need to know?

Can I use the app incorrectly?

What if I don’t wake up when the session is over?

We often find ourselves in the same condition when we daydream or are just about to fall asleep. That form of relaxed concentration is the same condition that is called hypnosis. If you fall asleep along the way, you’ll wake up automatically when you’re done sleeping. If your session is interrupted during the hypnosis you’ll automatically register that is has stopped, and you will wake and be out of the hypnosis.

Does the treatment fail sometimes?

If it fails, it might be because the person in treatment hasn’t been relaxed enough or has held on to the logical part of the mind so that the door to the subconscious hasn’t been opened or left ajar. It could also be that the person was disturbed and never reached the door. Maybe the person wasn’t motivated enough.

It’s a voluntary process. That is why it’s important that you really want to make the change you’re looking for. There can be different reasons why the treatment doesn’t work for you right now. But if you follow the guidelines above, you’ll have given yourself every opportunity to begin to think better and feel stronger.

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Family: $119.99 USD/year – 1-5 users
Monthly: $12.99 USD – 1-5 users


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