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This App Can Help You Get It Up

- October 13, 2016

HelloMind Hypnotherapy App Promises to Help People Get Their Sex Groove Back On, Treating Many Sexual Issues, from Erectile Dysfunction to Inability to Reach Orgasm

Copenhagen, Denmark — October, 2016 — While some of us may look at hypnosis as pseudoscience better suited for shows or the circus, countless studies have scientifically proven that hypnosis is extremely effective for sexual dysfunction. In fact, HelloMind wellness app has already aided thousands of people with real problems by accessing their subconscious and helping them break negative thought patterns.

The treatment has proven especially effective when it comes to users’ sex life. It offers a list of hypnotherapy sessions to treat common issues we suffer from in the bedroom:

  • Get rid of the fear of your sexuality
  • Get over the fear of not being able to get an erection
  • Last longer
  • Increase your sexual sensitivity
  • Allow yourself to reach orgasm
  • Have sex after giving birth
  • Get rid of your block against touch

Sexual dysfunction may be taboo to talk about, but millions of us deal with these often embarrassing issues which can be completely psychological. That’s why HelloMind is a perfect solution. Users have full access to treatment in the palm of their hand, even from the comfort of their own home, and don’t need to discuss their problem with any other person. Every treatment consists of ten 30-minute sessions, where the user is guided by voice towards the desired goal.

The treatments were developed by one of the world’s top hypnotherapists, Jacob Strachotta, using his proven technique of Result Driven Hypnosis (RDH). With this effective method, the user is guided through the complex maze of his/her subconscious in order to find the cause of their problem, and eliminate it.

“It is often surprising to people how much our mind has an impact on our body,” said Strachotta, CEO and founder of HelloMind. “But when it comes to sexual dysfunction, a large portion of us are affected by psychological rather than physiological issues. HelloMind has proven to be a great method to target and eliminate a specific problem in order to discreetly help users get their sex life back on track.”

HelloMind is available for free on The App Store, with in-app purchases of $8.99 for every treatment and Booster, or you can gain unlimited access with a subscription.