Life Hack: How to Beat Post-Lockdown Cringe

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Life Hack: How to Beat Post-Lockdown Cringe

- October 25, 2021

Use the trip to work to your best advantage and arrive happy and relaxed. It’s just a download away with the mental wellbeing app HelloMinds free Calm Commute sessions.

Australia is opening up again
44% of Australians have been working remotely and with more than half of the Australian population vaccinated, things are changing. Even though there is a sense of relief and happiness about a return to normal, many feel anxious and overwhelmed about getting back to their old routines. Managing mental health during this time of change and uncertainty can be an ongoing challenge.

Ease the transition of starting up at work again
How do we make sure we start off on the right foot going back to work? And handle the nervousness that can arise? Of course following the public guidelines for safety is a start: Practice good hygiene, physical distancing, follow the limits for public gatherings, and know when to isolate.

On top of that, one of the best ways to reduce anxiety is to take time to center ourselves with mental and physical breaks. A fantastic resource for help is the mental wellbeing app, HelloMind.

Create a space for self-care while commuting
HelloMind is releasing new commuter-aimed sessions that are specifically designed to help create this personal space for self-care. Creating a space for self-care and mental breathing room while on the go – in the train, bus, or metro – can help to ease the transition of working (at work) again. With HelloMind, it is as simple as putting in some earbuds and pressing ‘play’ on the gentle, guided sessions. The commuter sessions are completely free of charge for everybody.

CEO Jacob Strachotta explains:
“We would like to help everyone that feels a little bit nervous or has become a little bit socially anxious after being isolated at home. We hope that this will help to ease the strain of transition for everyone starting up at work again.”


About HelloMind

The HelloMind app makes scientifically-proven, time and cost effective mental health care available to everybody. We offer therapeutic help with a long list of issues like low self-worth, anxiety, insomnia and stress. HelloMind has been tested by Aarhus University Hospital of Denmark, with significant positive results.

  • Commuter sessions are free until December 1st, 2021. Search for “backtowork” in the app 
  • HelloMind is free to download and offers both a free and subscription version
  • HelloMind was nominated for Best Mental Health and Best Consumer Wellness & Prevention at the Digital Health Awards from the University of California, San Francisco