HelloMind in the Running for a Prestigious Award in Digital Health

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HelloMind in the Running for a Prestigious Award in Digital Health

- September 25, 2019

HelloMind is a finalist in 2 categories for the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Digital Health Awards

On October 10th, the UCSF Digital Health Awards will take place in San Francisco. The team behind HelloMind has just received the announcement that the app has been selected to be among the 10 finalists in 2 out of a total of 13 categories at the award show. The nominations bring HelloMind into the company of key players in digital health. This is a huge recognition for the great work that has been put into making HelloMind an easy-to-use app that can create lasting health changes.


Best Consumer Wellness & Prevention Company
and Best Mental Health Company

HelloMind is designed to help the individual user to easily, quickly and cheaply change negative habits and get rid of phobias and problems such as overeating, smoking, exam anxiety, low self-esteem, and insomnia. Advancement in this competition has established the app’s great potential in the Digital Health area. In fact, it has been awarded a final place in the categories Best Consumer Wellness & Prevention Company and Best Mental Health Company at the upcoming UCSF Digital Health Awards.

“We are incredibly happy to be in the finals. HelloMind is a whole new type of psychological tool that can help many users much faster than before. HelloMind was created from the idea that new technology can and should be used to create solutions that can improve the health of the individual, and at the same time relieve the health care system. Our team has been working on HelloMind for many years and it is great that we have been discovered around the world and are now being recognized for what we believe in. We are very grateful,” says Jacob Strachotta, the CEO and founder of HelloMind.


The two final seats at the UCSF Digital Health Awards brings HelloMind into the company of heavy players such as Fitbit, HeadSpace and 23andMe. 23andMe enjoyed a $300 million capital injection from pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline last year. This is a dream situation for a relatively small enterprise like HelloMind, which is selected from more than 500 companies. Winners of these prestigious awards will be decided at the awards show on October 10th in San Francisco, California.

HelloMind is available for download here – Try it out!



About the UCSF Digital Health Awards

The UCSF Digital Health Awards is a new Hollywood style award show founded by UCSF Healthub; a platform that facilitates collaborations within Digital Health. The award ceremony aims to honor the companies and start-ups that create the best digital solutions in the field, to ultimately help patients and users access new and better deals. The award show will be held at Byers Auditorium, UCSF Mission Bay, San Francisco. Among the partners is the American Medical Association (AMA).

Read more about the UCSF Digital Health Awards here


About HelloMind

HelloMind offers hypnotherapeutic help for a variety of problems such as self-esteem issues, anxiety, obesity, insomnia, and phobias. The method used, Result Driven Hypnosis, was developed by the recognized hypnotherapist, Jacob Strachotta. The goal of HelloMind is to give everyone access to easy, time-efficient, and affordable self-care.


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