Anxiety Over Terror Attacks is Real – This App Can Help

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Anxiety Over Terror Attacks is Real – This App Can Help

- September 20, 2016

Following its international launch in The App Store, HelloMind is releasing new hypnotherapy sessions to treat the very real anxiety and fear of terror attacks that many want to get rid of. The sessions will be available for free.

Copenhagen, Denmark — September, 2016 — The recent rise in terror attacks and subsequent security threats have led to an increased sense of widespread anxiety. In fact,research on stress caused by fear of terrorism shows that events of deliberate violence create longer lasting mental health effects than natural disasters or accidents. This fear of attack can have a direct effect on one’s quality of life, even causing some to avoid public spaces altogether.

That’s where HelloMind comes in. The newly launched hypnotherapy app that has already helped thousands of people with various psychological issues, is now offering free hypnosis sessions to treat any unwanted anxiety and fear brought on by terror threats. The treatment was developed by one of the world’s top hypnotherapists, Jacob Strachotta, using his patented technique of Result Driven Hypnosis (RDH). With this effective method, the user is guided through the complex maze of his/her subconscious in order to find the cause of their problem, and eliminate it.

While a large portion of the population suffer from different mental health issues, the majority of those suffering do not seek treatment. This, in large part, is due to the limited access to treatment methods, with the high expense of therapists and medications. Additionally, the topic of mental health still holds a certain stigma and people often feel too ashamed to ask for help. This can hold even more true for those suffering from terrorism anxiety, since some parts of society are faced with these fears for the first time.

With HelloMind, users have full access to treatment in the palm of their hands, even from the comfort of their own home. The platform is packed with 250 specific hypnosis treatments and Boosters, that help users with everything from breaking bad habits to empowering them with healthy tools to improve their lives. Every treatment consists of ten 30-minute sessions, where the user is guided by voice towards the desired goal.

“We actually decided to develop the terrorism anxiety treatment because of an overwhelming demand for it,” said Jacob Strachotta, CEO and founder of HelloMind. “Following recent events of violence and terror, you would be surprised how many people are paralyzed by fear to the point that they avoid public places altogether. The beauty of HelloMind is that the method of hypnosis we use is extremely effective and produces immediate results, even from the comfort of your home.”

HelloMind’s “Fear of Terrorism” treatment is now available for free in The App Store. All other treatments and Boosters each cost $8.99, or you can gain unlimited access with a subscription.