Søvn Stress Angst

Det er helt almindeligt at oplev problemer med søvnløshed. De gode nyheder er, at du kan få hjælp til at komme i en skånsomme og fredfyldt søvn i nat. Hver nat. 

På under under 1 minut kan du kom igang med at få en god nats søvn. 

Brug HelloMind

HelloMind hjælper dig med at skabe en forandring, så du kan føle dig stærkere. Du kan anvende HelloMind hvor som helst og når som helst.

Du skal altid vælge dit vigtigste problem. Med enkle spørgsmål guider app’en dig igennem til den rigtige behandling eller Booster. 


When a person is stressed, life can feel like too much. No matter how little or much there actually is. Feeling like you can’t get everything done because you have too much to do can decrease overall  happiness and satisfaction with life.

These feelings can stem from personal or professional life but can leave people feeling like they aren’t content with their jobs or relationships. Sometimes people expect too much from themselves and these feelings can be hard to let go of. For help during a stressful time, choose a treatment then listen to your HelloMind sessions. 

You can follow & track your weekly progression with the built-in mood tracker – based on the HERO mental wellness scale developed by Ph.D. Psychologist Dr. Saundra Jain. 

HelloMind sessions are also a good supplement to in-person treatment and therapy.


Stress can manifest itself in problems relaxing and getting to sleep. The guided audio sessions help you to fall into a deep and worry-free night’s sleep. The App will gently guide you to relax and let go of your thoughts & stressors before you sleep.  

Use HelloMind to fall asleep easily, get a deeper (and better!) night’s sleep and break bad sleep habits.

Sleep tight, every night and wake up fresh.


The app is based in – and appreciated by – the scientific community. The HelloMind app is backed by an advisory board of accomplished doctors and psychiatrists and is recommended by individual healthcare professionals. 

This app has been tested by the University Hospital of Aarhus Denmark on patients with atopic eczema. Interesting enough, the study found that patients who used HelloMind actually used markedly less cream! 

HelloMind is internationally recognised and award-nominated for its design and functionality. The app is fully data safe and GDPR-compliant.  

Bekymringsfri søvn

Jeg faldt rent faktisk i søvn imens jeg hørte filen. Så det havde en rigtig god effekt.

Just press play

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