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HelloMind has helped thousands overcome issues with stress, sleep, and detrimental mental patterns.

Now’s your chance to get in-depth with your specific issues. Follow this link to start your transformation. 

Use HelloMind

Download the app and then start by choosing the area you want to work on. If you want to change or eliminate a negative thought pattern, like a phobia, or lack of self-esteem, start with that theme and click through to a specific treatment.

If you would rather strengthen a certain aspect of yourself by giving it a little extra attention, choose a Booster.

If you need immediate relief from a craving, stress, or panic or want to get 5 minutes of complete relaxation, choose a Quick Fix. 


Stress sessions are made to help you strengthen your mental wellbeing.

If you need some help during a stressful time, try a soothing booster session to decrease restlessness.


The guided audio sessions help you to fall into a deep and worry-free night’s sleep. The App will gently guide you to relax and let go of your thoughts & stressors before you sleep.  

Use HelloMind to fall asleep easily, get a deeper (and better!) night’s sleep and break bad sleep habits.

Sleep tight, every night and wake up fresh.


HelloMind is backed by an advisory board of distinguished health care professionals. The method has been tested by Aarhus University Hospital of Denmark.  HelloMind is internationally recognised and award-nominated for its design and functionality. The app is fully data safe and GDPR-compliant. 

Follow & track your weekly progression with the mood tracker – based on the HERO mental wellness scale developed by Ph.D. Psychologist Dr. Saundra Jain.


Put the hustle and bustle behind you

After using this app I feel more grounded and put together and just optimistic about my future.

Sleep more peacefully

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