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It's possible to have a daily life without constant stress. Listen to calming sessions in HelloMind for help during stressful times.
Does stress cause problems in your daily life?

Stressful periods can arise from problems at work, school, or in a person's private life. Stress can manifest itself in a host of ways - even as pain, breathing difficulties, or skin problems (eczema).  When a person is stressed, life can feel like too much. During stressful periods, people can experience decreased overall happiness and satisfaction with life. This means feeling discontent with jobs or relationships. It can stem from people expecting too much from themselves and these feelings can be hard to let go of. It is possible to get relief from problems with stress and have a daily life with remarkably less stress and hypnosis is useful for overcoming bouts of stress. With HelloMind it's a easy as choosing a treatment then listening to your session. 

HelloMind App delivers measurable results;
Scientific study reveals
The results of the study called the Hypnosis, Eczema, Itch/Information Technology study (HYPE-IT) show that participants who use HelloMind drastically reduce the amount of medicine they require. The chart depicts the results of HYPE-IT, conducted by Aarhus University Hospital of Denmark. It shows the participants' use of topical medicine - where the control group (grey circles) does not use the HelloMind app in addition to their topical medicine and the treated group (black triangles) do use the HelloMind app with their topical medicine. 
Scientifically Tested
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Reduce stress, just press play
How does HelloMind help with stress?
HelloMind is like a mental massage for your subconscious mind. It helps you overcome your problems with stress by helping you to find & address the problem at the root of the cause. Your subconscious mind helps your conscious mind to relax so that you can overcome your problems with stress - short and long term.
Hvad siger brugerne om HelloMind til at få en god nats hvile og vågne frisk?
Indre ro

Med HelloMind får jeg styr på mit tankemylder når jeg skal sove. Tak for indre ro.

God app på dansk

Endelig en god app på dansk. Jeg bruger HelloMind til min datter der har svært ved at sove. Hun får virkelig meget ud af den.

God hjælp til forandring

Har brugt HelloMind til at komme ud af en stresset og søvnbesværet periode og med held til andre frustrerende vaner. Det er gode sessioner og i de dage jeg lytter, glæder jeg mig hver dag til at komme hjem og få mit lille velvære-kick 🙂

N. Engberg
Fantastisk hypnose

Jeg er super glad for HelloMind, der har hjulpet mig i mange stressede perioder og givet mig ro til en bedre nattesøvn. Er virkelig glad for at der er kommet et årsabonnement. Alle mine bedste anbefalinger.

Mette Christoffersen
Perfekt søvn

Søvnhypnosen har virkelig været populær hos mig. Den virker hver gang 🙂


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  • Symptoms of stress can be physical, mental, or behavioural.
  • Headaches, dizziness, muscle tension, pain, stomach problems, chest pain or a faster heartbeat are physical symptoms of stress.
  • Mental signs of stress can include feeling like you are constantly worried or being forgetful and having trouble concentrating/making decisions.
  • Behaviour changes indicating stress are things like drinking/smoking more, being irritable, eating or sleeping more/less, and avoiding particular people or places. Find out more about stress signs and symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way for dealing with stress & anxiety because it can help you learn to cope with your emotions in a more healthy way. Hypnotherapy treatment for stress can make you feel more in charge of your life and able to deal with everyday life in a more productive manner.

Hypnotherapy for stress works by helping you to manage your stress by identifying triggers and then minimise their impact. In effect, you learn how to deal with your stress in a more positive way. 

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HelloMind is recommend for stress
The app gently guides you to choosing a session in under a minute. Overcome your stress and take control of your life.  
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