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Listen to HelloMind and get a good night's sleep so that you can wake up fresh and rejuvenated.
Do you experience problems with sleeplessness?

Poor sleep is a normal problem that almost everyone experiences at some point in life. It can be a couple restless nights or sometimes even longer periods with bad sleep.

Typical reasons for sleep issues:
HelloMind App delivers measurable results;
Scientific study reveals
The results of the study called the Hypnosis, Eczema, Itch/Information Technology study (HYPE-IT) show that participants who use HelloMind drastically reduce the amount of medicine they require. The chart depicts the results of HYPE-IT, conducted by Aarhus University Hospital of Denmark. It shows the participants' use of topical medicine - where the control group (grey circles) does not use the HelloMind app in addition to their topical medicine and the treated group (black triangles) do use the HelloMind app with their topical medicine. 
Scientifically Tested
Data-Secure Solution
Get better sleep
How can HelloMind help me?
HelloMind is like a mental massage for your subconscious mind. It helps you to make great sleep your new normal by helping you to release your anxious thoughts so you get a good night's rest.
What do HelloMind users say about getting a good night's sleep and waking up fresh?
This app is everything!

Boosters are how I fall asleep. They’re like magic. And the hypnosis sessions have led to several life-changing epiphanies. I love this app!

Awesome App!

This app has helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. I have struggled with sleeping recently and this has helped improve my habits! Highly recommend.

Barb Mac
Nelly 25

Great app some of the best therapy I have ever had at a reasonable price considering you gets a years worth compared to similar in suite therapy’s that are only once for the same price.. I am very happy with this app

No more tossing and turning

We have now been trying to fall asleep to hellomind for about a week, both my husband and I are addicted to this app, we have recommended it to really many people and we gladly recommend it to everyone. Definitely an app that keeps what it promises, we are definitely not disappointed. In the past, I have been one of those who almost dreaded bed at night because I knew it involved several hours of sleepless turning and turning, I was sad to go to bed, but with hypnosis it has changed for the much better.

G. Nielsen
Super helpful

Thank you for this amazing app that helps me a lot with insomnia issues

Anfisa Hleb
Helps me sleep every time

I use it every night when I need to sleep. Can not do without it at all.

Kristina C.

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Sleep hypnosis is helpful for many people with sleep issues like, for instance –following a sleep schedule or to be less anxious about falling asleep. It can help to positively change thoughts and behaviour related to bad sleep habits. Listen to a sleep hypnosis (treatment) in HelloMind to address a specific sleep habit/issue. Then listen to a sleep booster when you are ready to fall asleep.

People with anxiety often have issues sleeping. Anxiety can cause poor sleep & dreams, fear of falling asleep, and trouble sticking with a sleep schedule. In turn, lack of sleep can increase anxiety creating an unhealthy spiral. 

Not being able to sleep and experiencing restless nights can be frustrating. If you are experiencing a short-term sleep problem and need help falling asleep on the spot, a HelloMind Sleep Booster is recommended. For long-term sleep issues, a HelloMind Sleep Treatment is recommended. In under a minute, the HelloMind app will gently guide you in assessing your sleep needs and then recommend a Sleep Booster or Sleep Treatment to fit your situation. 

Recommended for short and long-term issues with sleep
This app gently guides you to a sleep session in under 1 minute. It helps with a wide range of sleep issues, helping you to fall asleep quickly, every night. Good sleep and inspiring dreams are not out of grasp.
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