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Anxiety arises because of tension in the subconscious. It's not something people are born with, but something that is learned throughout life. It comes about from a highly stressful, traumatic experience that leaves a lasting impression. After the anxiety-inducing experience, it impacts how a person handles emotions. People can get anxiety immediately or the underlying anxiety can be awakened later in life. Hypnotherapy, like the treatment in HelloMind, is useful for overcoming anxiety because it helps to uncover the connections that created the foundation for the anxiety in the first place.

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The results of the study called the Hypnosis, Eczema, Itch/Information Technology study (HYPE-IT) show that participants who use HelloMind drastically reduce the amount of medicine they require. The chart depicts the results of HYPE-IT, conducted by Aarhus University Hospital of Denmark. It shows the participants’ use of topical medicine – where the control group (grey circles) does not use the HelloMind app in addition to their topical medicine and the treated group (black triangles) do use the HelloMind app with their topical medicine. 

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How can HelloMind help me?
HelloMind is like an instant mental massage for your subconscious mind. It helps you to overcome anxiety by finding & addressing the problem at the root of the cause. You'll be able to manage & minimise the impact of triggers. Then, going forward, you will react to formerly anxiety-inducing situations in a more productive and mentally healthy way.
What HelloMind users say about their anxiety treatment
Really great app

This is a fantastic app offering effective treatments - stick with it. It does work. As a mental health clinician, I regularly recommend this app to my patients.

Hello ME!

I had forgotten who the real ME is, this app is truly an amazing tool that helped me remember my past trauma, my fears and insecurities and is making me remember my full potential through self healing and self-awareness. Thank you HELLO MIND. Hello World, here I come!!!

Much appreciated!

The only app I actually want to pay for (even as a student). Great content, and it really works if you are consistent and use it over time. It makes me get into a certain mindset when I need or want to, eg. before important meetings, concerts, exams and such. Most of all it helps me sleep (even though you are not supposed to fall asleep while listening, I always do when I put it on before going to bed; therefore I always put in on before going to bed 😋). However, during daytime I do a session while fully awake/aware. It is great for any kind of break/meditation/hypnosis/pause during the day, with a variety of sessions with different time spans, from 5min and up towards an hour. I really recommend this. Not too expensive if you buy for a year, and with the possibility of easily cancelling your subscription during the months you can’t afford it. Then easy to pay for one month again when you are ready. Enjoy! 😇

Wonderful App

This app has helped me on my journey to becoming a better me! It’s a positive aid in many mental blockages I have had since my trauma. I would recommend using this app to anyone because of natural relaxation effects it has on the body.

The best app for people with DPR and OCD

Hi I’ve been using this app every night and I’ve been suffering with intrusive thoughts. I also been suffering with dissociation (outer body experience) this app has helped me with so many struggles. It reminds me that I’m worthy and to snap out of it. If you suffer with OCD or intrusive thoughts I highly recommend...

Getting back on my feet

I don’t want to make this review about personal issues. I want to thank the team of HelloMind very much for their kindness in support. As well as all the researchers and clinicians behind this initiative. I hope others will be able to see the fundamental importance of this app to psychology support.

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Anxiety is caused from highly stressful & traumatic situations and not something people are born with.Hypnosis is very good at helping to find the underlying reason for your anxiety and why it started.   Sometimes people get anxiety immediately after the event and sometimes the anxiety is triggered by a later experience in life.  Hypnosis is a useful tool for finding the connection that at some point formed the basis for the anxiety. Hypnosis helps to find the underlying cause for anxiety so the inner tension surrounding it can be released. Hypnosis is a tool that helps with removing anxiety. How well it works depends on number of factors. It depends on, for example, if it is possible to release all the underlying tensions causing the anxiety. 

Once the inner tension and underlying causes that contribute to your anxiety are released it is possible to manage & control the emotional response. When the anxious reaction isn’t there anymore, it’s considered gone. After a treatment, it is common that people report that they see (and feel) the situation leading to their anxiety differently. It can be that a person needs to get used to it and maybe find out how they will handle a similar situation in the future. But, in general, it’s pretty simple to do once the nervous reaction is gone.

There are many techniques for reducing anxiety. Some find it helpful to work on breathing techniques or  challenge themselves in the anxiety-inducing situation. Some even learn to reduce it through meditation. But  to completely get rid of anxiety and not use mental space on it on a daily basis (working with it or reducing it) then hypnosis is the way ahead.

Treatment for anxiety using hypnosis helps to address the underlying issue that led to anxiety. It is based on the premise that anxiety is not the problem, but is the symptom of the problem.  During the treatments, you will work on finding the triggers and alarming feelings that can be activated in your daily life. In the subconscious state it is much easier to uncover the connection and what it is that has always caused your anxiety. Often, during a treatment, a person will experience an ‘ah-ha!’ moment and a feeling of being relieved about finding out what is the root cause for a person’s anxiety. 

HelloMind helps with all forms of anxiety
When you listen to the app, you'll get instant stress relief. It supports you in finding the underlying cause and reason for your anxiety. You are able to release the inner tension located in the subconscious that causes your anxiety. You'll take control of your life again learning to control your emotional response and handle your triggers in a productive manner.
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